TASMANIAN RIGGING SUPPLIES offers a comprehensive on-site or in-house inspection, testing and tagging service covering all your rigging and lifting equipment. All testing is performed in accordance with relevant Australian and International Standards.

Shackle fitting

A regular program of inspections can be scheduled to suit your needs.

We are always on call and perform all testing promptly, with as little inconvenience to your business as possible. We co-operate wherever we can, but will never compromise when it comes to safety.

Tasmanian Rigging Supplies can also develop and maintain your own equipment register.

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... we can help you and your business to operate in a way which does not compromise the safety of your people and protects your investment in equipment resources.

Lifting Equipment Engineers Association TASMANIAN RIGGING SUPPLIES is a proud member of the international Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), the professional accreditation body and leading authority on safe and legal overhead lifting.

All technicians certified by the LEEA must pass rigorous training courses and a thorough technical audit.

You can trust Tasmanian Rigging Supplies to handle your equipment inspection, testing and tagging requirements because we meet, and exceed, the highest international safety standards.